Dear Common Agenda Supporters,

Other than fully funding the Conservation Bank for the second year in a row, it is good news that not much passed the General Assembly this year. Despite being out-spent by special interest and "big trash," we stopped (for now) numerous bills that would have been harmful to the environment. It was significant and a tribute to our hard working team of conservation lobbyists that we fought back an attempt in the House Ways & Means Committee to divert half of the Bank's funding to beach re-nourishment. In the last week of session, we also ended a last ditch effort by trash lobbyists to pass "flow control" when they attempted to amend an unrelated bill on the verge of a final vote.

Our success in defending the Conservation Bank was largely due to its outstanding record of wisely leveraging its revenue from the documentary deed stamp to protecting iconic places and purchasing voluntary easements. Our success in defending environmental protections like the Beachfront Management Act or the Pollution Control Act comes from you and our dedicated team of  conservation lobbyists. Citizens' voices made a difference this year in stopping bad bills. And more voices added to the chorus next year could make the difference in passing pro-active bills like solar leasing and anti-corruption bills in the second year of this session. THANK YOU for caring about the South Carolina we love.

2013 Hotlist Wrap Up


Ann S. Timberlake
Executive Director